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What Should We Do With The Pressure Sensor?

Jul 04, 2017

The first is the pressure up, the transmitter output is not up. In this case, check whether the pressure interface is leaked or blocked. If the confirmation is not, check the wiring method and check the power supply. If the power supply is normal, make a simple pressure to see if the output changes, or check whether the sensor zero output, If there is no change in the sensor is damaged, the instrument may be damaged or the whole system of other aspects of the problem; more advice can go to Bo Yi official website.

The second is the pressure transmitter output does not change, and then press the transmitter output suddenly changes, the pressure transmitter transmitter zero back, is likely to be the pressure sensor seal problem. Commonly due to the sealing ring specification reasons, the sensor is tightened after the seal is compressed into the sensor pressure inside the mouth plug the sensor, the pressure medium can not enter the pressure, but suddenly when the pressure suddenly open the seal, the pressure sensor under pressure Variety. The best way to eliminate this failure is to remove the sensor, directly see whether the normal zero, if the zero can replace the normal seal again;

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