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The Main Characteristic Parameters Of The Hall Sensor

Jul 04, 2017

In front of the Hall sensor is introduced according to the Hall effect of the magnetic field sensor, its main characteristic parameters are the following categories. (1) input resistance Hall sensor element two excitation current side of the DC resistance is called the input resistance. Its value from a few Europe to hundreds of Europe, depending on the type of components may be. The temperature increases, the input resistance becomes smaller, so that the input current becomes larger, eventually causing the Hall sensor potential changes. In order to reduce this effect, it is preferable to use a constant current source as an excitation source. (2) Output resistance R The resistance between the two Hall sensor potential outputs is called the output resistor, and its digit is the same order of magnitude as the input resistance. It also changes with the temperature change. Choosing the appropriate load resistance is easy to match, allowing the drift of the water potential caused by the temperature to be minimized.

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