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Smart Sensor Industry Three Years Of Action Guide Hope To Introduce The Four Leading Shares Of The Most Benefit

Jul 04, 2017

The 16th China Annual Management Conference was held in Beijing on November 25, 2016. Zhang Bin, Senior Vice President of Hannon Holdings Group Co., Ltd., attended and spoke, indicating that the Internet was just an Internet of information, and that it was Virtual world, the next world we think it should be the Internet of Things, Internet of things is to reflect the real data, it and things inside the connection, reflecting the completely real.

Things inside we all know, things to even, things to pass, interactive, this is obviously no energy, no energy is not enough. The core of the Internet of things is the sensor, the sensor must use energy, the energy we all know that is the button battery, or else is to use other energy to do induction, such as a perception card. With innovation, we can make the sensor energy consumption down to one-tenth, which means that we can slightly put the sensor in any position.

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