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Reflective Photoelectric Switch Introduced

Jul 04, 2017

We all know the photoelectric switch, the so-called photoelectric switch that is short of the photoelectric proximity switch, it is the use of objects to be detected by the beam or reflection, by the synchronous loop gating circuit to detect the presence of objects. Objects are not limited to metal, and all objects that reflect light can be detected. The photoelectric switch converts the input current into the optical signal on the transmitter, and the receiver detects the intensity of the received light or the presence or absence of the target object. Most of the photoelectric switch is selected near the wavelength of visible light infrared light wave. Then understand the photoelectric switch we all know the reflective photoelectric switch? Reflective photoelectric switch can be divided into diffuse photoelectric switch and mirror-reflective photoelectric switch. The so-called diffuse photoelectric switch is a set of transmitters and receivers in one of the sensors, when there is a detected object through the photoelectric switch transmitter to send a sufficient amount of light reflected to the receiver, so the photoelectric switch to produce The switch signal. When the surface of the object is bright or the reflectivity is extremely high, the diffuse photoelectric switch is the preferred detection mode. Detection mode and mirror-reflective photoelectric switch is also set the transmitter and receiver in one, the photoelectric switch transmitter emits light through the mirror, reflected back to the receiver, when the object is detected and completely blocked the light, the photoelectric switch A detection switch signal is generated.

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