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Internet Conference Automatically Drives Sensor Applications

Jul 04, 2017

It is reported that the smart kit can use the key "call" vehicle automatically out of the garage, detect the driver position, and docked to the driver side. People into the car, launched. On the road, eight cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors cover the environment within 250 meters, the driver under the command, the car can automatically change the way, the car can automatically park.

During the conference, domestic autopilot technology has also been shown. This time, 18 Baidu unmanned vehicles debuted and carried out an open city road operation, which is China's own unmanned technology for the first time in open urban road operations. To replace the driver, the unmanned system must have all the capabilities of the human sensory, limbs and brains. Today's technology through the combination of radar, ultrasonic sensors, digital cameras, gyroscope equipment has been able to achieve faster than the human senses more accurate access to information. According to reports, Baidu nobody car is the core part of the Baidu independent research and development of the car brain, including high-precision map, intelligent perception, intelligent control of the three major capabilities, so as to control the normal driving unmanned vehicles.

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