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How To Prevent Photoelectric Sensors From Interfering With Each Other

Jul 04, 2017

When the two optoelectronic close to the installation, a sensor light incident will cause another photoelectric switch instability action, called mutual interference. The way to prevent mutual interference is as follows. ① light emitter, receiver connected to each other cross. ② When the reflective photoelectric switch is used side by side, it is necessary to keep the setting distance more than 1.4 times of the detection distance. ③ When using the photoelectric switch, use the distance between the control and the setting distance to be more than 40% of the detection distance. Power lines and photoelectric sensor wiring if the same piping or with the same trunking laying, will be affected, and sometimes cause malfunction, so to separate wiring and the use of single-tube wiring. Use of the photoelectric switch in the following places will cause malfunction. ① power supply voltage is not used in the photoelectric sensor within the power supply voltage range. ② more dusty places. ③ corrosive gas more places. ④ water, oil, pharmacy directly spill the place. ⑤ outdoor applications, such as the sun has a direct light of the place, the use of the ambient temperature is not within the rated range. ⑥ installation is unstable, vibration and shock or in the installation of loose or skewed.

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