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Explosion - Proof Belt Scale Weighing Sensor Selection

Jul 04, 2017

(1) magnetic circuit system. It produces a constant DC magnetic field, the load cell in order to reduce the sensor size, generally use permanent magnets.

(2) coil. It intersects the flux in the magnetic field to produce an induced electromotive force.

(3) sports institutions. It makes the coil and the magnetic field to produce relative movement, explosion-proof belt scale weighing sensor is the coil movement called the moving coil, the load cell is called the movement of the magnet.

For the St. energy technology explosion-proof belt scale weighing sensor, explosion-proof belt scale weighing sensor sensitivity can be seen, sensitivity and magnetic induction. And the number of turns of the coil, the average length of each coil. closely related. The design of the explosion-proof belt scale weighing sensor is mainly based on the technical requirements of the sensor sensitivity to design the magnetic circuit system of the sensor, the load cell to determine the value of the magnetic field strength; design the coil to determine the relevant parameters of the coil; motion system design, it needs to consider The system of natural vibration frequency and dynamic error, to determine the damping, stiffness and other parameters.

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