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Application Of Automobile Lift Near Proximity Switch In Automobile Industry

Jul 04, 2017

As we all know, automatic computer washing machine can automatically complete the car outside the entire cleaning process, fast, low energy consumption, with a new intelligent automatic car wash way to gradually enter the various sizes of car beauty shop, 4S shop, etc., become a store to attract customers , Reduce the cost of the weapon.

However, in recent years, China more and more washing machine manufacturers, equipment brand complex, uneven quality, when you buy, whether the car washing machine to understand it? What kind of car washing machine be considered a real computer washing machine ... ...

At present, the washing machine "brain" is divided into PLC (industrial programmable controller) and CPU (single-chip), it is a good decision directly determines the performance of the car wash. Now on the market using CPU washing machine are mostly imported car washing machine. China's car washing machine is still in the growth stage, and developed countries after 30 years of development, washing machine technology has been more mature, such as the Japanese car wash machine is already using the CPU central processor computer smart car washing machine fourth generation, and Domestic car washing machine due to the constraints of production can not afford to bear the cost of the surrounding hardware pre-development, most of the use of PLC operating system, known as the prototype washing machine.

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