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Analysis On The Present Situation And Prospect Of China 's Sensor Industry

Jul 04, 2017

Recently, held in Beijing, the global sensor forum, the industry pointed out: 2022, with the development of things, the core components of the sensor output will be more than one trillion. From the current trend of the development of the sensor industry point of view, technology, markets, policies have been formed good, the industry as a whole to the good. But due to some factors, industrial integration and mergers and acquisitions will be the next stage of development.

Ministry of Industry on the sensor industry will be released "three-year action guide", the guide will be applied to support the development of the market, intelligent will be the development trend of the sensor. In the industrial development line development, the guide intends to integrated circuit technology and micro-electromechanical system technology combined. Which for most of the sensor industry operators, are very clear development of the signal.

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