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Unmanned aerial vehicle airborne sensor research and development can be low-altitude observation of multi-spectral

Jul 04, 2017

This is a low-altitude remote sensing sensor weighing about 2.7 kg, can use the spectrum from the air to identify the human eye can not see a variety of ecological information, can be mounted on the four-axis, six-axis, fixed wing and other unmanned aerial vehicles, Meter. The observation area is large, 1 hour flight can complete the 2000 acres of ground space information collection, data accuracy, and easy to customize, for China's urban construction, agriculture, forestry, environmental protection and many other industries to obtain and deal with "large data" to provide convenient , A reliable integrated solution. This is by the Tongji University School of Surveying and Mapping, Professor Liu Chun team lasted three years of independent research and development of scientific and technological achievements - "Aspect 1", will appear in the upcoming opening of the 2016 China International Industry Fair University Pavilion.

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