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The current China's sensor market, the overall sales data and demand situation

Jul 04, 2017

Sensors and communications, computers are known as the three pillars of modern information systems, sensor technology has become an important indicator of the degree of national information. At the end of the fourth session of the International Internet of Things sensor technology and application forum, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Director Wang Weiwei said that the sensor has risen to the national strategy, is expected to separate into the National Innovation Center, a number of policy planning go hand in hand, worth the wait. At the same time, the Ministry of Industry and the experts also introduced China's Internet of things, the sensor market in recent years, the growth of data, and the focus of the sensor market demand.

China's sensor market sales data growth

According to incomplete statistics, 2015 China's Internet of Things overall market size of more than 700 billion yuan, the market prospects. China has more than 1,700 enterprises and institutions engaged in the development of sensors, production and application, the industry is basically complete categories, sensitive components and sensors in the total output has more than 2 billion, the sensor products up to 10 categories, 42 categories, more than 6,000 Variety. The domestic sensor market continues to grow, according to incomplete statistics, 2015 national sensor sales exceeded 130 billion yuan.

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