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High-end market remains blank sensor accuracy into the key

Jul 04, 2017

At present, China's manufacturing industry is experiencing a revolution in information, industrial transformation and upgrading can not be separated from the support of the sensor. But at present, China's automation products and foreign there is a big gap, especially in the field of high-end industrial automation sensors, China is almost a blank.

Since the invention of the industrial era, the sensor in the production control and detection of metering and other fields play a vital role. As the human eye and ears, as a network of things from the outside world to receive information from the carrier, an important front of the sensor layer, the future of the sensor with the popularity of the Internet ushered in a high-speed development period. At present, China's manufacturing industry is experiencing an information revolution, promote the integration of information technology and industry, to achieve "smart manufacturing" are inseparable from the sensor support in the future manufacturing industry sensor products must play an important role.

Sensor applications full flowering

In the era of all things interconnected, the sensor is one of the most critical components. According to the different division, the sensor can be divided into different categories. For example, according to the measured non-electrical physical division, can be divided into pressure sensors and temperature sensors.

Common sensors in the field of Internet of things are distance sensors, light sensors, temperature sensors, angular velocity sensors, pressure sensors, acceleration sensors, humidity sensors.

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