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Forced national standards for tire pressure monitoring sensors put forward higher requirements

Jul 04, 2017

The most important passive safety equipment in the automotive industry is mainly seat belts, airbags and tire pressure monitoring systems. With the concept of energy saving, environmental protection and safety more and more popular trend, people on the safety of the car put forward higher requirements, especially more and more attention to the tire pressure monitoring system.

As one of the safety equipment tire pressure monitoring system, the tire can be dangerous signs of timely warning, to remind the driver to take appropriate measures to effectively prevent the occurrence of the accident. In Europe and the United States and other countries, tire pressure device has been implemented as a standard. China in recent years there are many people began to install this configuration, after all, this is related to whether the car can be safe and safe.

Mandatory national standards for tire pressure monitoring sensors put forward higher requirements

It is understood that the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently led the review through the "passenger tire pressure monitoring system performance requirements and test methods" (GB26149) mandatory national standard draft (hereinafter referred to as "standard").

The mandatory "standard" once implemented, on the one hand will promote the level of vehicle safety and energy conservation technology, on the other hand tire pressure monitoring system components of the relevant technical requirements will be more stringent. Based on this, Infineon introduced a new generation of tire pressure monitoring sensor SP40, the product for the needs of Chinese enterprises, while product performance, energy consumption and reliability were optimized for the Chinese tire pressure monitoring module manufacturers to provide a cost-effective solution.

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