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China's optical fiber sensor is technically accelerating to move closer to the world's advanced level

Jul 04, 2017

Nanjing University Zhang Xu Ping teacher pointed out that only in terms of fiber optic sensing technology, the achievements of Chinese scholars have been very close to the world's advanced level, the gap is shrinking. Three years ago, we mentioned in the report that the demodulation equipment is also generally dependent on imports, but the past three years, including Nanjing University, Shenzhen Branch of the sensor, Wuxi Lianhe, Zhuhai Guangchen, including many schools and enterprises have a full set of Optical fiber sensing demodulation scheme. In the core components of the optical fiber sensing system, including Xiamen Bage's narrowband light source, the world-pass lithium niobate waveguide, and long fly, long Yeston-polarized fiber, the first high-temperature radiation-resistant special fiber and related devices Have achieved localization. In the past, there are many institutions that can be developed in the future, such as OFDR (Jiangsu Angde), BOTDR (Jinan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, etc.).

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