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Automotive sensors celebrate the spring, to the integration

Jul 04, 2017

1. Fusion sensor is the future direction of development

1) millimeter-wave radar, ultrasonic sensors, cameras, and laser radar combination of the solution is the future direction of development; 2) automotive sensors on the security and stability requirements are extremely high, the earliest intervention and development path is still the most stable vehicle Plant and tier1 manufacturers, is the main driving force for the development of the industry; 3) start-up enterprises are currently most of the current cooperation with the OEM, from the main factory to the tier1 to go, nearly 2 years and no big voice, but the overall direction is correct, follow Have the opportunity.

2. Domestic millimeter-wave radar sensors are currently all dependent on imports, the domestic first phase of the basic stage of development

1) the current direction of the millimeter-wave radar is 24GHz and 77GHz, 24GHz applied to the rear of the car, 77GHz applied to the front and side; 2) from the cost point of view, the long-range radar module 60-120 dollars, short distance 30 3) from the business model, some foreign giants of the software license fee of tens of millions of dollars; 4) China's high-end, high-end, high-end, high-end, Automotive assembly of millimeter-wave radar sensors all rely on imports, the domestic first stage of the development stage has been basically completed.

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